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Qui sommes-nous ?

How and why we became Ireland's first online French food store.

After seeing what was missing

The idea started years ago

The idea of ​​opening a grocery store in Ireland came to us over 15 years ago. The concept has matured, and with recent events, we decided to launch and open “Le Goudalier” in order to be able to offer epicureans from Ireland, expatriates, gourmets, a little taste of home with a neighborhood grocery store where you can find everyday products from France and Belgium.

With Le Goudalier, no more orders with overpriced delivery costs from the mainland. Or having to wait for the family to come and visit us or for us to bring back some precious foodstuffs in our suitcases! We are in Dublin, our products too and we offer you a neat and fast delivery service to your home anywhere in Ireland.

A perfect fit for your every day life

We have each lived in Ireland for over 25 years. Cathy is French and one of her favorite hobbies is cooking. Alan arrived here from Canada and loves good traditional dishes as well as French gastronomy and he loves trying new recipes. That’s why it was important to us to be able to find great, affordable products in Ireland.

We’re just getting started

Both having the taste of adventure, we decided to start and open a grocery store in Dublin. Another of our strengths, in addition to years of experience in the field of sales and management, and having already held a grocery store for a major retailer in France, we know how to manage and care for food. We both work hard and are always on the lookout for quality products and the best prices in order to offer a range accessible to all.

Have any ideas for products? Write your suggestions here!

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